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Founder, Lauren Spicer, is a holistic nutritionist, writer, international project management professional, chef and educator who spends her life offering guidance and assistance to those around her. She developed So Fresh Mag to complement the growing field of holistic health in an effort to incorporate the opinions, visions and missions of individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and educations. Learn more about Lauren Spicer and So Fresh Yoga and So Fresh Nutrition

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Lauren Spicer
Vanessa Grant


So Fresh's founder Lauren and I are sisters. As a holistic nutritionist, Lauren follows a clean eating, organic diet and exercises every day. She constantly inspires me with her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. As a work-from-home journalist and mom of a toddler and a preschooler, I do my best to eat healthfully and fit in a yoga class when I can. We buy organic milk, avoid red meat and the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables and try not to eat refined sugar—but let's be honest, my son has definitely eaten frozen, processed chicken fingers.

And that's the beauty of So Fresh Magazine. Lauren and I are combining our expertise and strengths to bring you a balanced point of view. Our goal is to share what we know about living a healthy, happy life but in a totally accessible way. We know that eating organic is expensive. We know that, once in a while, throwing a frozen pizza in the oven is the only way dinner is going to get made. And we get it. The articles on So Fresh will, in many cases, present the best case scenario when it comes to healthy eating, fitness and beauty products but we will never be judgemental or preachy. And sometimes, we'll be totally straightforward about how realistic (or unrealistic) certain health goals are. For instance, Lauren's story The Truth About Your Perfect Body breaks down just how much work it takes to get a six pack—and how it might not be worth it for you. 

While Lauren and I will share our thoughts and expertise regularly, we also reach out to other experts we know who share their passions, insight, advice and research with you regularly. And we're not just about what to eat, how to exercise and which cosmetic ingredients to avoid. You can expect off-the-beaten path travel stories, lots of amazing recipes courtesy of Lauren, and inspirational editorials about yoga, parenting and wellness.

We truly hope that So Fresh will inspire you to try new foods, forms of fitness and beauty brands and to branch out when it comes to travel and shopping for—or growing your own—food.

Vanessa Grant