When it comes to strength training and yoga, many imagine that you can only choose one at a time. However, this is not entirely the case. Many benefits come with combining the two. Here are the top five.

1. Flexibility Plus Strength

While yoga has a significant impact on flexibility, strength training somehow supplements this by allowing your muscles to be more resilient. For people who have trouble picking up weight quickly, combining these two can be beneficial to them.

2. Activates Both Slow and Fast Twitch Muscles

While lifting weights and doing power exercises help activate fast-twitch muscles, the slow body movements in yoga activate the slow-twitch muscles. The latter leads to endurance, while the former enables you to stay alert. A combination of both equals the hybrid performance of the body.

3. Combining Controlled Aggression and Relaxation

Yoga is a peaceful exercise, and although it is slow and balanced, you might end up sweating as you tone your muscles. There’s also a relaxing effect at the end. Strength training is all about being active, which requires activation warm-ups before the actual practice. This leads to controlled aggression. Combining it with yoga creates a graceful balance.

4. The Body, Mind and Soul Benefit

It is very easy to harbour a lot of stress in this life. Yoga helps you work your body, mind and soul for a complete balance. If you do it regularly, you might even realize its healing capabilities. Combining it with strength training does not negate this but rather complements it.

5. Better Muscles

The core of much strength training is to train the muscles. Many skinny people run for a better body shape. Include yoga in your fitness routine. You get better metabolism for your body and a well-performing brain, which creates a win-win situation for them.