Vanessa Grant

Editor in Chief

Vanessa is a journalist with more than 10 years of experience writing and editing and a mom with almost four years experience and two wild and wonderful little boys.
Despite having written about makeup, hair and skincare for most of her career, Vanessa still gets a thrill from reading the promised results on the back of a shampoo bottle or new moisturizer. In the last few years, she's put more energy into finding healthy, sustainable and responsible beauty and style options and is excited to share these finds with the So Fresh audience.

Lauren Spicer, MA PMP CHN

Founder, So Fresh Living

Lauren is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, consultant, wellness expert, writer and chef. With a background in International and community development, Lauren has had the opportunity to work in health promotion for non-profit organizations as well large health food franchises. Today she lives and works in Panama City, Panama where she embraces her passion for travel and international living while developing a grassroots company devoted to the promotion of better health and happiness. Lauren's wellness perspective is a focus on prevention, nutrition and holistic living.


Holly Shankland

Holly Shankland is a Certified Yoga Teacher based out of Lake Tahoe, California. Traveling the world as a professional photographer, she brings yoga along to keep her balanced and grounded. Holly teaches restorative yoga—syncing the body, mind and soul. Discover Holly's incredible images @hollyshankland and

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Callie Maggiori

Callie is holistic health coach helping women overcome digestion issues and the link to stress. Callie is on a quest for the most pure, natural and nutrient-dense remedies on the planet. She currently lives in Panama, pursuing her passion as a wellness entrepreneur and lover of coconuts. Connect with her at her website

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valentina McCachren

Valentina McCachren

Valentina is passionate about all things fertility, pregnancy and baby-making. She completed a continuing education course through the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto that focused on our body’s natural ability to design and nurture a growing baby through nutritional and holistic practices. It was through her own fertility and pregnancy journey that she cultivated a love for mindfulness, both physically and mentally. It is through her blog,
Lovefestjourney, that she shares this love, with the hope to inspire and help other women to get pregnant naturally and learn to love themselves just a little bit more. She currently works with women all over the world as they navigate their own fertility, pregnancy or mamahood journeys. Lovefestjourney hosts mama and baby gatherings in Toronto as well as Seasonal Dinners for women to gather and connect over local food, wine and treats.

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Tara Campbell

Tara is a writer, dancer, gardener and urban food growing advocate. After completing a BA in History and Environmental studies at The University of Victoria, she went on to study plant life at Pacific Horticulture College earning her landscaping technician certificate and master gardener diploma. She went on to work on several farms and, after getting her hands dirty, founded Sprout House Gardens, a business that gives potential food growing urbanites access to the tools and resources needed to reach their food security and self sustainability goals. She also works with not for profits connecting farm to table between local small-scale farmers and restaurants through local initiatives and community building. Tara is a lover of nutrition, health and general wellness. Her passion is to help as many people possible to live fulfilled, happy, passionate lives through a connection to art, nature, spirit and one another.

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melody hummel

Melody Hummel

Melody is based in Austin, Texas, but feels like the whole world is her home. She is a wellness enthusiast, registered yoga teacher, Ayurvedic newbie and global wanderer. Melody believes in seeing and appreciating all the little things in life, and that nobody should take themselves too seriously. Exploring the world of writing, art and photography, she hopes to be able to share her view of the world one article, one doodle or one photograph at a time.

Currently, Melody is offering yoga classes to corporate environments, groups or one-on-one sessions. For inspiration or a look into her life, follow her @MelMelAtx. Or contact her by Email:

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Kailani King CHN

Kailani King is a holisitic nutritionist, yoga instructor and passionate traveller. She wants to live in a world where eating healthy, organic meals doesn’t mean sacrificing time, stress and half of your pay cheque; where supermarkets offer real food and where customers can use food and nutrition to treat and prevent illness. This is why holistic nutrition and wellness consulting is her passion, focus and priority. By working with individual clients, restaurants, businesses and hotels, Kailani strives to make the journey towards optimal health easy and fun.

Her methods are unique, her positive energy is contagious, and her determination and dedication to her clients is outstanding. Join her on this adventure towards making this world a healthy playground.

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Kristen Ma

Kristen Ma is an esthetician, Ayurvedic practitioner and award-winning author of “Beauty: Pure + Simple – A Holistic Guide to Natural Beauty”. Kristen co-owns Pure + Simple Inc., an independent chain of holistic spas that also has its own line of natural skincare. She blogs regularly about natural, Ayurveda-inspired beauty at and tweets @holisticvanity. She also writes for a number of publications and is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

Sam Trotta

For the past 12 years, Striation 6 co-founder Sam Trotta RTSm, MATCS has been a specialist in the areas of resistance training, human performance and wellness. Sam’s drive to better his knowledge base in these areas and his passion for bettering himself as a true health professional has allowed him to increase his prominence in the personal training industry.

Amy Robertshaw

Amy Robertshaw

Amy Robertshaw, an interior designer from New York City, runs her own interior design firm in Manhattan, while concurrently working as a senior designer at Architecture firm in Brooklyn, New York. Amy has extensive experience designing East-Coast style mansions and NYC apartments. Amy also collaborates with a team of interior designers and architects on full brownstone and townhouse renovations, including interior design, in landmarked areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Caroline Morales

Caroline Morales

Caroline Morales, is a born and raised rainbowesque-bubbly-tropical Panamanian fairy, who is a 24-year-old double thesis student in Photography at Universidad de Arte Ganexa and in Journalism and Science Information at Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes. She is an artist and jack-of-all trades; an award-winning photographer and cinematographer, a writer, an actress, a licensed broadcaster, an aspiring painter, a runner, a swimmer, a kick-boxer, a skateboarder, a calisthenics-lover, and a LOVER OF LIFE. Art, exercise and healthy eating are her life.

After growing up obese—at age 19 she weighed 200 lbs on a 5'2 frame—she decided that it was time to make a switch in her mental chip. She went from being a lazy junkfood loving-couch potato that wallowed in all the wrong thoughts to a strong, fit and healthy young woman. She has become comfortable and confident in her body, mind and spirit. Breaking a good sweat and eating right are her life; for her it is the key to recovery from EVERYTHING. "Just for today, I love myself enough to treat myself right!."

It has not been an easy road, but by taking things one moment at a time, through hard work and dedication. Caroline is now helping others who struggle with the same problems she did, because sharing is caring. Above all she does everything with passion!

Emma Rohmann

Emma is a nature-lover and city-dweller who strives to live green within her means. Her green living journey started over 10 years ago. In 2015, she started Green at Home, a social media and blog campaign to provide thoughtful ideas for making your home more green. She now offers personalized green living services such as in-home walk-throughs, action plan implementation, product shopping lists, and renovation consulting. As an environmental engineer with 8 years experience as a green building consultant, Emma knows how to avoid green washing and get to the facts. Green at Home focuses on non-bias information without shock-value, exaggeration, and shame. Check us out for useful information to help make eco-living easier:
Twitter: @green_at_home

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Blessyl Buan

Blessyl Buan

Dr. Blessyl Buan is a chiropractor, pilates instructor and former professional dancer with an honours bachelor degree in Kinesiology from McMaster University and additional credentials in Medical Acupuncture, Kinesio® Tape and various mysofascial techniques like (A.R.T.®).

As a dancer, she has a passion to educate, treat and prevent injuries of the athlete, performing artist and wellness seeker. She has treated a range of performers from emerging artists to the National Ballet of Canada.

As a mother of three, she can empathize with the joys and pains of growing a family. She helps parents to cope with their new “parent posture” like “baby on the hip” syndrome and how stress is internalized as a result of lack of sleep and keeping up with energetic kids!

As a health professional, she fully appreciates the importance of proper alignment in order to keep up with your career, your family and your lifestyle. Realign. Strengthen. Live your Life.

alison porter

Alison Porter

Alison is the director of Lovenotes School of Music, an early-childhood music school that believes that everyone is born musical. She is also a professional musician, a daydreamer and a proud mama of a three-year-old red-headed singing machine. She is passionate about sharing music with young children, gentle parenting strategies and crafting and baking. She has been working as a music instructor for more than 10 years and has been playing violin since she was five years old. Her musical upbringing paired with a B.A. in Theatre has given Alison the opportunity to perform in nooks and crannies all over Canada and the United States. Alison regularly blogs about her ridiculous and delightful experience coaching her three-year-old to learn the violin in the Suzuki method.

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