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Your Weekend Drinks Are Making You Fat

Your Weekend Drinks Are Making You Fat

alcohol makes you fat

Boozy Brunches, Happy Hour on a Friday after work, summer Saturdays by the beach or Sunday Funday filled with beer. Our weekends often revolve around a particular party pleaser: Alcohol. We have all been there. One drink turns into two which turns into a massive Sunday morning headache and the usual vow to ‘never drink again’. But aside from a brutal hangover and an especially saturated liver, alcohol also makes your fave weekend jeans a tad tighter. 

In an effort to enjoy a weekend cocktail we often come up with fancy and sugary treats. The incredible hatred of sugar in the nutrition and health industry in recent years is no secret. In fact, the low-fat craze has been entirely overtaken by anti-sugar mania—but it's a belief with lots of merit. 

It is time you listened up! These deliciously sweet cocktails aren’t just awful for your waistline, but a surefire way to get a horrible hangover and damage your adrenal and digestive systems all at once. 

Booze on its own makes you fat because it is packed with calories (7 for every gram) and digested in a way that will destroy your body’s capacity for burning fat. When we drink, alcohol is metabolized into two compounds: acetate and fat. Unfortunately the extra fat you have just produced will not be the first thing your body decides to burn. In an effort to eliminate the toxic effects of alcohol we immediately use acetate for energy and leave the pudgy bits of our waistline for later. 

Additionally, alcohol makes us incredibly hungry both during and after a binge. This is because while alcohol does contain calories, it lacks the nutrients that our bodies are seeking for adequate functioning and digestion. As a result, we begin to crave something, anything, to satisfy our hunger and fill our bellies. Haven’t you heard the term “hangover food”? Even when the night is over and we are crawling across our bedroom floor, we are searching for fatty, salty, sugary things that will help to alleviate our headaches and nausea. This is because our bodies want to quickly and effectively replenish the many nutrients we are lacking!

Once we have satiated ourselves with copious amounts of calories, cortisol levels in our bodies continue to hover at an incredibly high level. All the booze is continuing to make it difficult for our bodies to burn fat and build muscle. Even the antioxidants in wine don’t necessarily compensate for the added calories. Even just one glass of wine each day is usually: 

  1. Larger than the recommended four ounces
  2. At least 100 calories a glass
  3. Adds nearly 1000 calories a week if we consume it daily

Next time you get ready for your weekend festivities and are looking for a way to trim the fat and boost your bod you may want to reconsider your planning.Thankfully cutting out cocktails isn’t entirely necessary as long as you keep a few basic rules in mind:

Choose top shelf beer, liquor and wine. Not only is it generally better quality, often offers some organic and sulphite-free options and tastes better, but the high price tag will more likely have you sipping and savouring rather than slurring. 

Dilute alcohol with sparkling water and fresh juices. Yes, Sangria is delicious without shots of sweet syrupy booze. Your typical old lady has it totally right, a wine spritzer or vodka club soda is totally the way to go. 

Plan for your hangover hunger. Don’t drive to the closest fast food spot but prep your fridge by filling it with healthier versions of your fave morning-after treats. Veggie burgers, whole grain pasta, baked french fries and simple breakfast solutions can have a huge impact on your belly, wallet and capacity to wander beyond your front door the next day.

Hydrate. That means throughout the night, not just once the damage is done. By drinking water you stay sober enough to know your limits, stay fuller longer and can avoid a hangover that requires three Big Macs and a late night pizza delivery. 

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