Is there anything like healthy fast food? The answer is yes. Given that we love that burger and fries and are not ready to let them go, there is a way of making them less harmful to the body. Here’s how.

1. Watch the Portions

Many people do this by having a cheat day on a healthy diet. However, the mistake they make is eating an excess of these junk foods until it almost cancels out all the work they’ve put in to stay healthy. A better way is to watch the portions. This way, you still keep the calories low.

2. Go for Grilled and Roasted Instead of Fried Foods

When you deep fry any meat, you increase the fat content and add on the calories you are trying to avoid. Roasted and grilled meat tastes just as good and has no extra fat.

3. Read the Menu Carefully

Anything with the label, pan-fried, deep-fried, creamy, or crispy has too many calories. Some of them have excess sodium as well, which is also harmful to your health. Try as much as you can to avoid those foods. If you are to have them, stick to tip number one.

4. Read the Content Label for Packaged Foods

Just because a snack is labelled healthy does not mean it is. Make a habit of reading the ingredients list to know what exactly it contains. If you don’t understand every word, you should leave the snack until you do. This way, you are monitoring everything that goes into your body.

5. Keep Off the Toppings

In most cases, the topping is what contains the excess calories you are trying to avoid. The excess cheese is not needed to make a good pizza. Try as much as possible to leave it off.

As a bonus tip, take a lot of water, most preferably with lemon afterward.