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10 Signs You May Be A Wellness Snob

10 Signs You May Be A Wellness Snob


A new book called The Wellness Syndrome claims that our new obsession with being healthy and happy is actually a bad thing. The authors, researchers Carl Cederström and André Spicer (no relation to our Lauren), claim that people who follow an ideology of wellness think that they are morally superior to others who are unhealthy—overweight, smokers, etc. The authors also say that the pressure to be happy and healthy can actually lead to anxiety and stress.

Luckily, we at So Fresh Mag don't take ourselves too seriously—everything in moderation, including a little humour. So we got to thinking about the new breed of health seekers and what "healthy" habits make others roll their eyes. Here are the 10 signs you may just be a wellness snob:

1. You own more yoga pants than any other kind of pants and you wear them everywhere—not just the yoga studio.

2. While in the yoga studio, despite not being a teacher, you oh-so-helpfully correct the posture of other class participants.

3. Your diet and food restrictions are so convoluted and restrictive that no restaurant menu has a meal you can eat without at least five substitutions.

4. You finish phone conversations and sign off emails with "namaste."

5. You have replaced the majority of beauty and personal care products in your home, from toothpaste to deodorant, with coconut oil.

6. All of your food comes from luxury health food stores or organic delivery services.

7. If you ate at McDonald's and charged your meal, your credit card company would call asking if your card had been stolen.

8. Speaking of the golden arches, your children have never seen the inside of one. They have never consumed real sugar, either. They think dried fruit is a treat and their birthday cakes are basically made of tofu and dates.

9. You own a spiralizer or some other machine for turning vegetables into spaghetti.

10. You constantly give others annoying, unsolicited health advice. "IBS? That doesn't exist. You have a gluten sensitivity." "Do you know how many chemicals are in that cookie?

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