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How A Healthy Gut Can Prevent Premature Aging

How A Healthy Gut Can Prevent Premature Aging

Have you heard of the skin microbiome? If not, you may want to get familiar with yours. If your skin is dull, dry, discolored, irritated and producing more lines than seems normal for your age, your skin microbiome may need some nourishing. Let‛s explore why this happens and how to nourish our microbiome for optimal skin health.

We don‛t often make the connection between our digestive tract and our skin. Excited by the latest creams, we overlook that beauty care from the outside is working on dead skin cells. For great skin, you want to cultivate a healthy inner garden, known as the microbiome. When our belly is at our healthiest, so is our skin.

Every month, we regenerate an entire layer of skin, it‛s brand new every 28 days. It becomes visible in our skin when our gut flora is out of balance. Skin has three layers and the one on the outside is actually born in the second layer, the dermis. These cells are born in an environment that's either nutrient dense or deficient. We literally feed our skin cells information and create a healthy or unhealthy breeding environment.

When we eat sugar and refined carbs we feed the pathogenic yeast and accelerate cellular destruction. Refined carbs and sugars spike blood sugar, causing early signs of skin aging, due to the breakdown of collagen production in a process called glycation. Glycation happens when sugar in blood binds to collagen and elastin and creates toxins that age you. These cells lose elastin, which means more wrinkles.

Inflammation and stress are other causes of premature aging. Too much un-broken-down food gets into the blood and triggers inflammation. If we're constantly inflamed, we're putting stress on our body and when we're stressed, the chemical makeup of our gut changes, creating the perfect environment for cellular aging and disease.

Stop premature aging with microbiome medicine:

1. Practice Mindful Eating
To slow premature aging we need to begin by learning habits that support a healthy nervous system. Are you eating in a hurry, when stressed and just trying to scoff anything down to get back to work? These habits put a strain on our digestion and the body works harder to get rid of bacteria overgrowth caused by stress. Respond to stress and come back to health by taking deep breaths before eating to relax the belly and digestion.

2. Kick Sugar
Sugar causes inflammation and makes your cells sick, tired and old. Sugar will deplete your cells of nutrients and minerals and is a major cause of premature aging. If you're having cravings and withdrawals, calm them with a piece of quality dark chocolate high in cacao.

3. Nourish Your Hormones
Aging is essentially the slowing down of hormones. To keep your hormones happy, fluid and communicating with each other, get high quality fats into your diet. Fish oils are great because they're anti-inflammatory. Other good fats include cod liver oil, coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, nut butters, walnuts, seeds and avocados. Not only do proteins and healthy fats keep you feeling fuller longer, they also help you manufacture the hormones you need to help slow down the aging process.

4. Eat Colourful Foods, Berries and Ferments
Researchers concluded that resveratrol contained in berries significantly reduces inflammation and protects the cells from oxidation, free radicals as well as blood vessel and collagen damage. Eat a rainbow of colours! The polyphenols in colourful foods mop up the free radicals that cause cellular damage and aging. Fermented foods will also reduce inflammation, charge the gastric juices and help produce minerals and nutrients needed for healthy skin. Support your female ecosystem and in return she'll produce the healthiest skin possible. Glow baby, glow

Callie Maggiori is holistic health coach helping women overcome digestion issues and the link to stress. Callie is on a quest for the most pure, natural and nutrient-dense remedies on the planet. 
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