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10 Ways Mom Is Amazing

10 Ways Mom Is Amazing

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So Fresh Mag editor and my sister, Vanessa and I are lucky enough to have an amazing mom, who helped us grow into happy, confident people and is still a daily part of our lives. We're sure that many of you—and your moms—will relate to these 10 ways our mom helps, influences and teaches us.

She encourages us to make the right decisions, without making them for us
One of the most frustrating things a teenager can hear is, “You need to choose what is right for you,” and yet it is probably the most impactful to your development. Yes, when asked directly for advice, mom was always there to give it and to offer a shoulder when we didn’t listen to advice, but more often than not, she was there to inspire, motivate and encourage us to listen to our guts. 

She never says “I told you so”
Despite the fact that mom always knew the right way to do things, we often took our own paths. And although things didn't turn out exactly as we had planned or hoped and we realized that her advice may have been the right way to go after all, she never once pulled out the token “I told you so”.

She knows when you need her before you do
Whether it is a phone call, a simple text or even an email, mom has the incredible, innate ability to know that you are in need of an ear, a hug or a laugh even before you do. 

She's always available to help
Need to be picked up from a party at 3am? Even if she's pissed that you're only 16 and out so late or that you're 26 and should be able to take care of yourself, she'll be there. Need milk but one of your kids is napping and you can't leave the house? She will run to the store for you. She wants you to be happy and successful and she's happy to help where she can.

She's supportive of your biggest dreams and craziest schemes
No matter where in the world you dream of being, the businesses you strive to make a reality or the adventures you desire, she backs you, encourages you and talks you through the ups and downs.

She always tells the truth
Despite wanting to support you and protect you from harm, she's always honest. When you're little, the truth may be carefully phrased for particularly difficult questions—"Where do babies come from?"; "What happens when you die?"; "Is Santa Claus real?"—but she tries her hardest to be frank, even if it's going to hurt, because well, reality hurts a lot less when it comes with a hug.

She's capable of being your mom, your confidant, your friend and knowing when to be what
Moms have the amazing task of trying to find a balance between being your caregiver, your ear and one of the people you laugh the hardest with. Knowing when we need what is an incredible skill and doing it with grace, love and laughter is something few achieve. 

She never bats an eye, whether poop, pee or puke
It has to be said: The woman has seen and dealt with about as much grossness as a nurse and yet, she gently wipes your forehead (and butt) , holds back your hair, mops the floor and cleans the bed sheets without batting an eye. From her own babies, to the grandchildren she adores, the grossness of children is nothing but part of the journey to her. 

She demonstrates integrity and embodies the very woman you aspire to be
There is no question of the integrity that was demonstrated everyday in our household. Both of our parents showed us their ethics, their values and their strength on a daily basis. Whether it was as simple as accepting everyday realities, or as intense as overcoming some serious s&*t. As a mom, ours showed us that integrity and intelligence are at the core of womanhood. 

She loves more powerfully that anyone you’ve ever known
You don’t realize it as a child and you take it for granted as a teen, but the power of a mother’s love and her capacity to show it in a million ways, is one of the most profound experiences in life. Having the privilege of experiencing this and knowing without a doubt, every single day, that we were and continue to be, so deeply loved and supported is unquestionably humbling. 

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