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Healthy Father's Day Gifts He'll Actually Love

Healthy Father's Day Gifts He'll Actually Love

We have been blessed with one amazing Dad! Growing up, he certainly had an impact on our love for healthy eating and exercise. An avid tennis player, active runner and barbecue enthusiast, he is not terribly difficult to buy gifts for. That being said, how many Father’s Days in a row can you get someone a pack of tennis balls, tickets to watch tennis or a case of fancy beer? We want to offer you some awesome wellness related gift ideas for dad this Father’s Day to help motivate your dad to stay (or get) fit. We’d like to keep them around for as long as possible!

A Hammock


We all need a little relaxation! Giving dad an opportunity to have some peace and quiet will reduce stress, encourage balance and give him the energy he needs to get active.

SueSport Double Hammock with Space-Saving Stand, $84.99,



For the dad who wants to stay in shape without venturing far, a weight set is the perfect solution. Simple and compact, try a weight set that will suit the strength of your dad.

Champion 2-Sided Vertical Dumbell Rack, $157.63,

Organic Food Delivery

IMAGE: Brooke Cagle

IMAGE: Brooke Cagle

Grilling is more than slabs of meat. Discovering new and interesting veggies and trying them on the grill or in new recipes can be an amazing way to make healthy eating exciting. Try a vegetable delivery services that brings fresh, local produce right to your door. 

Check out this list of delivery services across Canada.

A Fitness Watch


Fancy watches are a thing of the past with the amazing technology and exciting fitness tracking of everyone’s fave wrist gadget. Fitbits now come in a huge variety of styles and features to fit your dad’s needs.

Fitbit Blaze, $300,

A Membership To Suit His Lifestyle

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Gym memberships are great but there is no telling just how much it will actually be used. Instead choose a membership that truly fits your dad’s personality. From tennis clubs, swimming pools, and wine of the month clubs, you can find the best monthly membership for your father. 

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