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What Is Non-Nano Sunblock And Why Should You Care?

What Is Non-Nano Sunblock And Why Should You Care?

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You're probably thinking, "Hey, I'm protecting my skin from the sun. Isn't that enough?" And while it's a good start, there is so much more to know about the products you use to protect yourself. For starters, you can read our What You Need To Know About Sun Protection piece. And now, here's a new, fascinating tidbit: even if you're using a mineral-based zinc sunblock, it could be damaging to your health, says Chris Hyso, co-founder and owner of Bar None Organics, a California-based skincare company. And he's not the only one. Dermatologists, and skincare experts are debating the issue of nano particles in skincare products. But, in some circles, there could be benefits to nano skincare, helping skincare particles potentially travel deeper into skin and actually create change that would only be possible with injections and other invasive procedures.

Here are the problems Hyso sees with having skincare ingredients that can penetrate the skin's barrier:

Why is non-nano technology important when it comes to skincare and other bath/body products?

It is extremely important to choose non nano products when possible. The reason being is that there isn't much regulation in the cosmetic industry in general and even less when it comes to nano particles; their shape, size, surface area etc.. And there have been a plethora of studies done on both sides as to whether nano particles are harmful or not, after months of research we came to our own consensus that we will not ever use them in our products. 

Is zinc oxide potentially harmful in nano size? Do most sunblocks use nano particles? What about zinc-based diaper cream?

As far as we are concerned, zinc oxide is very harmful in nano form. Nano particles wreak havoc on skin cells and living organs. Most studies we found claimed that they cannot penetrate into the bloodstream, but once we kept digging we found quite a few studies proving that 0.01 percent or less of that zinc winds up in the bloodstream. While that number is small, it is still enough to potentially cause serious damage and can also cause a large spike in free radicals. 

Unfortunately, most zinc oxide sunscreens contain nano particles unless stated otherwise. Now this is not going to be something you want to hear, but there is nothing stopping companies from using nano zinc oxide in diaper rash creams. I would advise that anyone with a newborn baby or small child read thoroughly into what is in their daily products, and make whatever ones you can at home.  

Tell us more about Bar None Organics. Your line seems targeted more to men, did you feel there was a hole in the market when it came to organic products for men?

Myself and the co-founder both became extremely conscious of the food we were consuming roughly four years ago. Shortly after that we also became more aware of the products we were using on our largest organ, our skin. We were both very disappointed with the options available, so we came up with the idea to make soap. That idea grew into creating as many skincare products as possible. There is a huge void in that market overall, not just in men's products.

There are always questionable ingredients in mainstream "organic" products, we didn't like that so we created our own. Our soaps are unisex and aside from the beard care items, the rest of our products are as well. We plan on introducing at least one new product every two months, so there will be a lot more products for women being offered very soon! 



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